Judy; February 2011 (Four Hands Fusion treatment)
The whole experience was most enjoyable, from the warm welcome and professional pre-treatment check to the massage itself and post-treatment feedback.The sensation of having four hands massaging my body was wonderful and the use of hot stones beautifully enhanced the feeling of relaxation and well-being.I very much appreciated the fact that the session was not rushed in any way; the two of you worked in gentle harmony to provide a very thorough massage which managed to deal with the knots as well as soothing the stress. I would definitely recommend this 4-Hand massage to anyone who enjoys massage and wants a real treat.
Click here for more information about the Four Hands fusion treatment Anna and I offer together)
Brian; December 2011I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis (policeman's heel) and was in agony. As a builder I'm on my feet all the time so working was really painful and tiring. I spent two years in pain and spent a fortune on orthotics to try and sort it out. Then I went to Kate for a treatment and she quickly found the source of the problem - an old running injury in my calf. After two sessions I was pain-free. Now I go every month for all my others aches and pains but haven't had a problem with my foot since.
Linda; February 2012I look forward to my monthly sessions with Kate as I know I will walk out of her lovely treatment room feeling a completely different person from when I walked in! I always feel like my stress scale has plummeted from 10 down to zero in just an hour.Kate's treatments are intuitively based depending on how I am feeling and what needs working on at the time. She uses a fusion of different treatment techniques in each session and it is clear that her thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology enables her to quickly identify problem areas to focus on. I'm always treated to the a hot stone massage at some point in the treatment too, which is just divine!I cannot recommend Kate highly enough, whether you simply want take time out and de-stress or have a specific problem addressed in professional hands.
Sara (Chartered Physiotherapist); June 2013I have fortnightly treatments with Kate which enables me to keep doing my job as an animal physio working with horses and dogs. She really gets in there and when she hits the spot it hurts like hell but is heaven on a stick at the same time!
Samira; January 2014THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH Kate... I'm still a bit sore but miles better than it has been. Definitely getting better... couldn't stop smiling this morning when I could actually move!