I have recently qualified as a Feldenkrais Practitioner (September 2018) and am now able to offer Functional Integration lessons and Awareness Through Movement lessons. As an introductory offer you can experience a Functional Integration lesson for just £30 (one hour) or an individual Awareness Through Movement lesson for the same fee (until 30th June 2019). The latter can be shared with a friend/partner and the lesson will be recorded so that you can do it again at home.

Feldenkrais lessons provide a learning opportunity for you to gain more understanding of your postural and movement patterns and how these contribute to your discomfort and/or mobility issues. This understanding helps bring about change in these patterns which in turn can reduce and even eliminate pain and increase comfort and mobility. The lessons provide me with insight into your limitations and possibilities in relation to movement which informs other bodywork I might do with you such as myo-fascial release.

I believe that by bringing the Feldenkrais Method into my bodywork I can help you to improve and maintain mobility, find and keep stability and be in control of your wellbeing and enjoyment of life.

For more detailed information about the Feldenkrais Method please see the UK Guild website.

Functional Integration

Functional Integration lessons are 1-2-1 sessions which take place in my studio on a low table, fully clothed.

Using my eyes I observe your posture and movement patterns and using a light, listening touch I help you to feel how you move or don't move and to understand the habits that prevent your skeleton functioning to it's full potential.

Together we explore and observe and you develop a deeper awareness of yourself and your potential.

Awareness Through Movement

Awareness Through Movement lessons are usually taught to a group but can also be taught to individuals or couples. Most lessons involve lying on the floor but many are taught in sitting or standing and adaptions can always be made if lying on the floor is not possible.

You are guided with verbal instructions through a series of movements which inevitably lead to an initial movement or position becoming easier and more comfortable. You end the lesson with a deeper understanding of how you move and the possibilities for making this easier.

Photographs courtesy of Jonathan Thrift with kind permission of the Feldenkrais Guild UK