Q: are you in pain? do you want to be able to move more easily? do you need to relax, de-stress or feel pampered?
A: we have the treatment for you!

Clinical & Sports Massage 

Clinical & Sports massage uses a combination of advanced techniques to achieve a specific outcome. This could be:
• reduction/elimination of pain
• increased range of motion (eg: post-injury or illness)
• improved sports performance

This treatment is for people with chronic pain conditions, minor injuries or general stiffness/poor range of motion. Depending on the issue and the individual it usually takes 2 - 6 treatments to achieve the desired outcome. 
The application of heat and/or ice are used where appropriate to speed up the healing process.

Myofascial Release (MFR)

MFR treats not just the muscles but the fascial binding that holds the entire body together. 

This treatment involves alot of gentle, yet deep, stretching of the tissue and may hold the key to relieving chronic pain that other treatments have not unlocked. Outcomes include:
• improved posture
• reduction/elimination of pain and stiffness
• increased range of motion
• stress reductio                                                                                                                            

MFR is also effective in releasing scar tissue and associated adhesions                                   

Hot Stone Massage

A full hot stone massage is a deeply relaxing treatment. Volcanic stones are heated in water to a comfortable temperature and then used as extensions of the hands to massage the body. The heat enhances the relaxing and healing effect of the massage by warming and softening the soft tissues.

Stones can also be used clinically to treat chronic pain and acute injuries. Combining hot and cold can speed up the healing process by flushing the affected area and bringing fresh blood (with oxygen and nutrients) into it.

Feldenkrais Lessons

Kate has recently qualified as a Feldenkrais Practitioner and is now able to offer Functional Integration lessons and Awareness Through Movement lessons.

While Feldenkrais lessons are NOT treatments, they bring a new dimension to Kate's bodywork by involving the client more in their understanding of their postural and movement patterns and how these contribute to their pain and/or mobility issues. 

For more detailed information about the Feldenkrais Method and and how it can help you to improve and maintain mobility, find and keep stability and generally enhance your wellbeing and enjoyment of life, please see the UK Guild website.