Clinic Times & Prices

Clinical massage & Sports Massage 
(1 hour)        £40                                                        Gift Vouchers available (non-refundable)
Myo-fascial Release 
(1 hour)                                      £40                                                       Contact us for more details
Hot Stone relaxation massage (75 minutes)         £55 
Four Hands Fusion (2 therapists; 1 hour)                 £95

A cancellation fee of 50% will apply unless 24 hours notice is given

                    Clinic Times        Anna Archer                            
Monday - Thursday:    9.30am - 1.30pm
Wednesday:                 10am - 8pm
Clinic Times        Kate Sweetapple
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:     9.30am - 6pm
       Saturday:              10.00am - 2pm
Also available on Wednesdays at the Sport Centre, University of Sussex

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