Other Practitioners we recommend
Massage            Cammie Toloui in Lewes
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                        FHT Therapist Directory

Acupuncture         Anthea Barbary

Body Psychotherapy   Tim Brown

Chiropractic             Uckfield Chiropractic clinic

Feldenkrais               Rebecca Meitlis

Herbalist                   Therri Lahood


Hypnotherapy           Anthea Barbary
                                      Linda Deacon

Nutrition                   Daphne Lambert

Osteopathy             Michael Pearce
Lewis Wood

Physiotherapy        Suzy Daw
Lewis Wood

Pilates                       Caroline Berry

Podiatry                    Helen Morrell

Sound Therapy         Aoife Brown

Yoga                        Anneliese Wells

These recommendations are based on the personal experience of either ourselves or our clients.

Professional Links

Self- help
  • Hot or Cold?our own guidance on which is best to use for pain and injuries
  • Relieve neck tension
  • a video lesson you can follow while sitting at your desk to relieve neck tension and improve movement