How we work

Our approach to massage therapy is outcomes-based and the most appropriate techniques are applied to achieve this. 
Your full participation and feedback during the treatment helps to achieve the desired outcome more quickly which is better for 
your pocket as well as your body!                            Click here if you would like more information on the advanced techniques we use.

What to expect
Your first appointment will begin with a consultation to find out what the problem is and any aspects of your medical history that may be relevant. 
Your posture may be observed and range of motion tested where relevant. 
If you have booked for a relaxation appointment rather than for clinical reasons, it is still important to discuss your medical history.
Please read our Privacy Policy at the bottom of this page.

When we are ready to start you will be left in private to undress down to underwear and lie on the treatment couch under the towel.  Many techniques can be carried out through clothing so if you prefer to keep your clothing on this is OK. Throughout the treatment the parts of your body that are not being worked on will be draped with towels to protect your privacy and keep you warm. 

Most treatments will require you to lie either face down, face up or on your side and sometimes in a seated position. If you find lying face down difficult all techniques can be adapted and used in the side-lying position.

A massage wax is used to provide lubrication, except for myo-fascial release and some clinical work. Usually no residue remains at the end of a treatment, but you may prefer not to wear your best clothes just in case. We use hot stones and hydrotherapy techniques during most treatments as appropriate.

Kate's treatment room

You are in control of your treatment, and the therapist will check in with you throughout to make sure you are comfortable and to get feedback. At any point you can ask her to stop if you are not comfortable.  We acknowledge that giving another person permission to touch your body is a significant act of trust and we regard this as an enormous privilege.

After the treatment you should feel relaxed and may even feel a little 'spaced out' so it is important to allow your body and mind time to integrate the treatment. 
Make sure you do not have to rush off and do something stressful. Massage techniques help to release toxins from soft tissue and so it is important to drink plenty of water after a treatment. Sometimes a "healing crisis" can occur where the whole body reacts to the treatment and symptoms can include feeling unwell, dizzy, cold, hot or extremely tired. This is nothing to worry about and the symptoms should pass within 24 hours. Drink plenty of water and rest.

Health & Safety
We maintain our clinical workspaces to meet a high level of hygiene to protect ourselves and our clients. 
All towels and linens are changed and stones washed between clients to prevent cross-infection. Other equipment and floors are cleaned at the end of each working day.
In order to help us maintain this high standard we respectfully ask that any client with or recovering from an infectious illness lets us know as soon as possible so that we can reschedule their appointment.
Nobody likes to be ill and as self-employed practitioners working in close contact with our clients, we cannot work if we are ill. Taking sick leave not only means we lose income but also causes disruption for all the clients we have to reschedule.
Cancelling an appointment at short notice due to illness will not incur a cancellation fee. We thank you for your cooperation.

Privacy Policy

In order to provide the best possible service and comply with the requirements of our insurance providers we need to gather and record information about you at your first appointment. This includes your name, date of birth, address, e-mail address and telephone number. We will ask you which of these ways you consent to being contacted. We also need to record the G.P. with whom you are registered and ask about your medical history and lifestyle and to record any information that we feel is relevant to our work with you. We also record brief details of the treatment we provide, any useful findings that will inform future treatments and any self-care advice we give you.

This personal information is confidential and recorded on paper only. This is stored in a secure filing cabinet. Any further information that is shared verbally during the treatment is also confidential.  Our Medical Malpractice & Public Liability Insurance providers require that records are kept for a minimum of 10 years. After this time all paper records are shredded.  You have the right to request access to any personal information that is recorded about you and we will provide this within one month of your request.

Your e-mail address and telephone numbers may be held on a computer or mobile device to enable us to contact you unless you have specified you do not wish to be contacted in either of these ways. Your contact details will not be shared with any third party and will be removed from any device on which they have been stored when paper records are destroyed.

This Privacy Policy complies with the General Data Protection Regulations.
You have the right to complain to the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) if you think there is a problem with the way we are handling your data.

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