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Baby Massage

Anna Archer is qualified to run a four week baby massage instructor course for parents. Each course consists of 4 x 2 hour sessions and will be arranged to suit the schedules of the parents as far as possible.  Below are testimonials from a couple of dads who recently took the course:
"Anna seamlessly organised and ran a course over six weekends for the Dads in our NCT class. All the babies were under six months old and the Dads had next to no experience of massage techniques before the course. Anna took us through the basics and showed us how to develop the massage to assist with relaxing our newborns and even how it could assist with common child illnesses from colds to colic. We all hugely enjoyed the course and it gave us a chance to forge strong friendships whilst bonding with our children. It's something I've kept up since the course finished and I know other Dads have too! Certainly something I would recommend to all new parents (mums and dads!)"
"Anna's friendly and encouraging style coupled with her in-depth knowledge of massage makes this an amazing first experience with your newborn (and a chance for the Mums to have a well deserved break!). Thanks Anna!"