Four Hands Massage

Anna and Kate have developed two very special massage treatments where they work together to provide an extraordinary experience

Four Hands Fusion

To provide the ultimate in relaxation, we work together using synchronised creative massage strokes with hot stones and carefully stretch your limbs to open you up to this intense experience.

We focus our intention on key acupressure points to leave you feeling not only relaxed but revitalised.

 It is not just a massage but a whole experience!

See what one happy client had to say...

Couples Massage

Not the usual spa couples treatment of two separate massage couches and two separate experiences; this unique treatment provides the couple with an intense shared experience that will bring them closer together in every way.

Living with a partner and dealing with the mundane chores and stresses of life can mean that the real reason you are together gets lost. Sharing an intimate experience can help you to re-discover the emotional and physical connection that brought you together in the first place.

You are left alone to get comfortable together on a double massage couch covered by one large throw, so you can even hold hands throughout the treatment. Both therapists work on both of you one at a time, changing seamlessly between you to create a flow of energy between themselves that channels through you both.