How we work

Our approach to massage therapy is outcomes-based and the most appropriate techniques are applied to achieve this. 
Your full participation and feedback during the treatment helps to achieve the desired outcome more quickly which is better for 
your pocket as well as your body!                            Click here if you would like more information on the advanced techniques we use.

What to expect
Your first appointment will begin with a consultation to find out what the problem is and any aspects of your medical history that may be relevant. 
Your posture is observed and range of motion tested where relevant. 
If you have booked for a relaxation appointment rather than for clinical reasons, it is still important to discuss your medical history.

When we are ready to start you will be left in private to undress and lie on the treatment couch. 
Many techniques can be carried out through clothing so if you prefer to keep your clothing on this is OK.
Throughout the treatment the parts of your body that are not being worked on will be draped with towels to protect your privacy and keep you warm. 

Most treatments will require you to lie either face down, face up or on your side and sometimes in a seated position. If you find lying face down difficult all techniques can be adapted and used in the side-lying position.

A massage wax is used to provide lubrication, except for myo-fascial release and some clinical work. Usually no residue remains at the end of a treatment, but you may prefer not to wear your best clothes just in case.

Kate's treatment room

You are in control of your treatment, and the therapist will check in with you throughout to make sure you are comfortable and to get feedback. At any point you can ask her to stop if you are not comfortable. 

After the treatment you should feel relaxed and even a little 'spaced out' so it is important to allow your body and mind time to integrate the treatment. 
Make sure you do not have to rush off and do something stressful.
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